pr88 Skin Protection Barrier Cream 1-Liter

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Pr88 is the ORIGINAL INVISIBLE GLOVE that protects your hands when working with: Black Powder, Muzzle Loading Kits, Nipple Grease, Copper Solvents, Lead Removing Solutions, Rust Removers, and many other substances!

Tried and tested over a million times over since 1965.
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Work with black powder or gun solvents? Muzzle loading? Hand cleaning problems?

This water soluble skin protection cream is applied before you begin working and provides a non-greasy, non-sticky barrier against carbon based substances. After work is completed, barrier dissolves instantly with only water.

pr88 is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, 85% biodegradable, and can be safely applied over the hands and exposed skin areas. Significant Health & Safety Benefit: When working with powders or solvents, pr88 prevents chemical irritants from being absorbed into the skin. pr88 will not wipe off the from skin or transfer to surfaces touched once it has properly set on the skin (after approx 1 minute) and therefore will not contaminate work pieces.

Available Units: 1 Liter (33.8 fl.oz.) cans


Before working, rub a hazelnut sized amount of pr88 onto your hands – especially to the finger nails and cuticles. Only use as much pr88 as it takes for the protective fillm to dry after approx. 1 minute. The skin is now protected against contact with carbon based substances and will only come off with water.

pr88-How-to-Apply: Gamp Inc

After you have applied pr88, and have ensured that you have carefully creamed between your fingers, the finger tips and cuticles, rub the rest into the skin with hand washing movements until it is completely dry.