Ballistol Multi-Purpose Gun Oil

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Originally developed in Germany in the early 1900’s to be used on all parts of a soldier’s rifle- leather, metal and wood, Ballistol is safe on leather, wood, plastic and rubber. Use it to preserve your leather products, clean and protect your firearms, lubricate, protect, and polish many more items in and around the shop and home. No ingredients considered as hazardous by OSHA. Contains no known carcinogens. Ballistol Sportsman’s Oil / Multi-Purpose Lube is a far better lubricant than most, if not all, other so-called gun oils. A truly amazing product!

Contents: 6 fl. oz.
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Originally created for military use, Ballistol Sportsman’s Oil / Multi-Purpose Lube has been used extensively in Europe for over ninety years to keep firearms clean and free of troublesome lead, copper, and powder residue. Cleans & dissolves traces of copper, lead, brass, and zinc. Lubricates and protects firearms, stocks, and barrels by leaving a film that protects against rust and corrosion that won’t gum-up or harden over time.

Works well on tough powder residue and emulsifies with water. Mildly alkaline, Ballistol neutralizes the acids that eat away the insides of barrels. Contains no carcinogens and since it’s bio-degradable, you can be sure that you won’t have to fight a bad smell and toxicity.
Protects Guns (also dissolves traces of copper, lead, brass and black powder residues)

  • Neutralizes Acids and Acidic Residues
  • Emulsifies with Water for Dilution, yet Holds its Properties
  • Protects Wood, Leather, Plastic and Rubber
  • Use as Marine Lubricant

For hand loaders: BALLISTOL is an excellent case sizing lubricant. Cases won't get stuck in the reloading dies and when you wipe them off, they will be cleaned of dirt and oxide.

Environmentally Safe Gun Cleaner & Protectant

Ballistol Sportsman's Gun Oil is all-natural, non-toxic and does not lose its ability to lubricate even when mixed with water. Cleans black powder residue and is not petro-chemical based, so it will not affect a "seasoned" muzzleloader or black powder cartridge gun.



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    Posted by david on Nov 14th 2018

    excellent product, have used it for several years and it has never failed yet!