Rail-Slick-Lubricant at Gamp Sports

New Product: Rail Slick Rail Lubricant


Just in from Hydronic Archery, Rail Slick – Durable Rail Lubricant. Rail Slick is a premium dry crossbow rail coating that reduces friction, outlast other coatings and does not create a mess. It will not dry out: attract dust or dirt particles like petroleum products, even when surface is wiped dry to the touch. Rail Slick is still present and lubricating the metal parts from within the pores of the weapon. It does not require a liquid carrier to be present for protection and will not evaporate off. In addition, it will not get sticky or leave a tacky residue behind.

We couldn’t be happier to expand our partnership with Hydroponic Archery and continue to bring innovative products to the market.

On Sale now for $9.99. Learn More at Rail Slick Rail Lubricant.