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New and innovative products are the lifeblood of what we do and often the best ideas and products come right from you. We work with companies large and small to help develop, promote, and showcase emerging products and provide a platform for growth. We can customize our support or involvement to meet you needs, just let us know what you are looking for.

The following is some information to help you understand how to submit products for evaluation by Gamp Sports. For questions, please call us directly at 724-443-7546.

How to Submit Your Products for Evaluation:

Please contact us with the following information as it will help us determine if your product is a fit for, and/or to determine how we can best assist you in launching your product.

  • Company or individual contact information (Name, Address, Phone, Email)
  • Product description
  • Product photos 
  • Product Dimensions and Weight
  • Product Order Minimums/Case Quantities
  • Cost and Available Discounts 
  • Restrictions for Sale/HazMat Information (if applicable)
  • MSDS (if applicable)
  • Suggested catalog text – this may be modified by Gamp Sports
  • Any available informational video (if applicable)
  • All technical information 
  • Information pertaining to any related accessories (if applicable)
  • Additional information may be requested based on submission

Please read the Gamp Sports Sample Product Policy below.

Product Information should be submitted to the following e-mail address:

Gamp Sports Sample Product Policy:

*NOTE: Physical product samples are not required for submission, but may be requested during product evaluation.  We request that you provide digital images, video, detailed product information and specifications. This information should be sent to the New Products Committee at:

Any sample product sent to Gamp Sports is done so for the evaluation of that product, therefore the product may be used and/or tested in any manner chosen by Gamp Sports. In some cases it will be necessary to damage or destroy a sample product’s packaging. Gamp Sports is not responsible for damage to product packaging. Sample product testing may result in damage to the sample product. Gamp Sports is not responsible for any damages to sample products submitted for evaluation. All sample products submitted to Gamp Sports become the property of Gamp Sports and will not be returned. Gamp Sports does not purchase product samples.

Vendor Set-Up Sheet:

All new vendors are required to complete a Vendor Set-Up Sheet. The Vendor Set-Up sheet provides Gamp Sports with the basic information needed to do business with your company. We will need all of your program information (Includes items such as: pricing, quantity types, discounts, payment terms, insurance, etc…) in order to get your account documented correctly in our system. Should we move forward with your product we will request completion of this form.

Contacting Gamp Sports:

Gamp Sports can be contacted via phone, fax, email or mail utilizing the information found on this page. 

Phone: 724-443-7546
Fax: 724-443-4249

Corporate Mailing/Shipping Address for new products:

Gamp Sports 
P.O. Box 1345
Gibsonia, PA 15044

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Gamp Sports vendor, we look forward to working with you and watching your product grow!