Wild Hare Buckle-less Leather Belt

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  • Premium Top Grain Colombian leather
  • 2 Inch wide belt for extra support
  • 10 inches of Hook and Loop closure
  • No buckle to scratch your gun
  • Sizes: S-M (30-40" usable length); L-XL (36-46" usable length); 2XL-4XL (43-52" usable length); 5XL-6XL (50-59" usable length)
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Belt Size S-M L-XL 2XL-4XL 5XL-6XL
Waist Size 29"-35" | 36"- 42" | 43"-52"| 50"-59"

Note: These belts are sized larger than normal belts because they are intended to be worn over top of your regular clothing. We recommend having a minimum of 5 inch overlap of Velcro for a secure hold. Measure your waist while wearing the clothing (pants, belt, shirt, jacket, etc.) that you plan to wear under the Wild Hare belt.

Due to natural variations in the leather dying process, the exact color of your belt may be slightly lighter or darker than depicted in the photo. If you order a pouch with a belt, we will do our best to match the color of your pouch and belt.