The Venture Bucket Pack is Here!

Posted by Gamp Sports on Aug 3rd 2017

The Venture Bucket Pack is Here!

This month we’ve added one of the most highly anticipated new items since we displayed the prototype at the Great American Outdoor Show in February. Co-designed by John Linquist from Pheasants Forever, the Venture Bucket Pack is the ultimate multi-use hunting/fishing/trapping bucket. Perfect for dove, duck, deer, and turkey hunting, ice fishing, shore fishing, fur trapping and more.

It features three separate pockets capable of holding up to 5 boxes of 2.75" or 3" shotgun shell, which means you don't have to be the most accurate shooter in the dove field and your friends will be coming to you when they run out of shells. The side pockets also can fit most ice fishing poles. Two insulated water bottle holders are big enough to fit 1 L Nalgene bottles so you and your 4-legged friend stay hydrated. The padded back pad and shoulder straps makes carrying your bucket to and from the field easy and hands free. Attach all your extra accessories to the D-rings to make sure nothing gets lost. Finally, side hooks help support the belt of the revolutionary Quick-Shot Shotgun Holster (sold separately), giving you a place to rest the butt of your gun and still keep it ready and the muzzle pointed safely skyward.

The Venture Bucket Pack comes complete with the backpack bucket carrier in your choice Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo or Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, a 5 gallon bucket and your choice of a Silent Spinning or 3/4 Stationary bucket lid seat. Not to mention a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee and you can see why this gained a following even before we had it on the shelf.

Visit the product page for Venture Bucket of your choice to learn more.