ShockEater® debuts in Shooting Industry Magazine

Posted by ShockEater on May 9th 2016

ShockEater® debuts in Shooting Industry Magazine

Shooting Industry Magazine features the ShockEater® Recoil Pad and Shooting Shirts in their May issue. Lisa Parsons-Wraith's popular column entitled "Arms & The Woman" is a go-to resource on trends, issues, and products impacting female shooters. This month Lisa discusses how shotgun sports continue to be a driving force in attracting women to shooting sports as she reviews a number of guns and gear to improve the shooting experience.

In her section on "Recoil Tamers," Lisa highlights our gear along with compatible shooting vests designed specifically for lady shotgunners.

"ShockEater is a super energy-absorbing visco-polymer material using what the company calls Nano-Poly technology. Basically, the material stays soft and viscous until the shotgun impacts it. Then, the material bonds long enough to protect the shooter from recoil, and afterwards the bonds release and it turns viscous again. It’s amazing science and the result is a thin pad that doesn’t affect length of pull, yet lessens felt recoil. Because the pad constantly reshapes, it can be used with a variety of guns."

Read the article HERE or view the entire issue via Shooting Industry's Digital Edition.

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