New Product: The Mr Lid Shotshell Container

Posted by Gamp Sports on Dec 5th 2013

New Product: The Mr Lid Shotshell Container

It's always an exciting day for us at Gamp Sports when we find a product that really fits and unmet need - today was one of those days! Introducing, The Mr. Lid Shotshell Storage Container. Mr Lid protects your ammunition from the elements through a patented system of secure, water-tight, easy stacking storage containers. This shotshell box is the perfect choice for outdoors enthusiasts and upland hunters who need to keep their shells dry, secure, and organized during a long day in the field.

  • Universal size can hold 20 and 12 gauge shotshells up to 3 inch length

  • Factory cardboard box will nest inside of Mr. Lid or “Tip and Transfer” Shotshells

  • Smooth corner and edges will not catch on vest or jacket pockets

  • Patented Seal Design - Airtight and Waterproof

  • One Piece attached lid with living hinge, “Never lose the lid”

  • Reliable latch, stays closed when loaded but opens with the “flick” of the thumb

  • Impact Resistant, BPA Free Polypropylene

  • Interlocking features allow containers to “stack”

  • Features a waterproof Pheasants Forever Logo on Front of Container

  • Designed to last – Manufacturer’s Lifetime Guarantee

  • Best of all, it's proudly made in the USA

Check out the Mr Lid Shotshell video on our product page for more information.