New Product: Litwin Turkey Frying Safety System

Posted by Gamp Sports on Nov 10th 2013

New Product: Litwin Turkey Frying Safety System

A new product came in this week from a local sportsman and problem solver Chris Litwin (and just in time for the holiday season). Whether you enjoy the hunt or just the meal afterwards, The Litwin Safety System makes turkey frying safer and easier by greatly reducing the risk of fire from spill over. The unique automatic locking mechanism is designed to “brake” instantly should you let go of the accidentally let go of the handle from distraction or being splashed with oil.

  • Reduces fire hazard from hot oil spills.

  • Safely and securely holds the bird for draining while you prepare the rest of your meal

  • Is designed to fit most 30 to 40 quart pots—a new pot, or the one you have been using for ten years

While supplies last, we will be offering the Litwin Safety System at 50% off! Get yours today!

For more info or to order, check out the product page at