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The ShockEater® Recoil Shooting Pad is the latest advancement in energy absorption and recoil dispersion. It keeps you shooting longer, while increasing accuracy, comfort and consistency with your long guns.

  • Made with reveolutionary Nano-Poly™ technology
  • Reduces peak felt recoil and improves pitch & toe angles
  • Fits is the recoil pad pocket of vests, shirts and jackets by Browning, Wild Hare, MizMac, NICA, ShockEater® & more
  • Ultra-thin & Lightweight – only 8mm thick & 1.4oz
  • Made in the USA

Product Description

GAMP SPORTS proudly offers the new ShockEater® Recoil Shooting Pad!

The ShockEater® Recoil Pad is the latest advancement in energy absorption and recoil dispersion – it keeps you shooting longer, while increasing accuracy, comfort, and consistency with your long guns. Made with proprietary Nano-Poly™ technology, the ShockEater® Recoil Pad is designed to reduce peak felt recoil without increasing length of pull or altering appearance. At only 8 mm thick and 1.4 ounces in weight, it provides superior shock absorption in a form that is lighter and thinner than any foam or gel can provide.

The ShockEater® Recoil Pad is conformal to the shoulder area, supporting proper gun fit and improving pitch and toe angles at the butt-stock. This combination of unique fit and absorption properties allow for maximum comfort and reduced felt recoil. More comfort, less pain means hitting your target with greater consistency.  The ShockEater® Recoil Pad is compatible with many of the leading shooting vests and shirts, making it the optimal accessory for a variety of shooters from first timers to seasoned veterans.

Order with a ShockEater® shooting shirt or vest and save!

ShockEater- Features and Benefits - Gamp Sports


How it works:

How ShockEater Works


Instructions for use:

Simply insert the  ShockEater® Recoil Pad into the shoulder pocket on your shooting garment (vest, shirt, jacket, etc.) with the flat side facing out. You are now ready to “Eat the Kick” and shoot more comfortably than ever before. Remove the recoil pad from the garment before dry cleaning or laundering. 

Color in-stock: BLACK

Additional Information

Weight 1.4 oz
Dimensions 6.5 x 3.5 x 0.3 in
UPC Code


Professional Reviews

Johnny Cantu, Editor-in-Chief, Shotgun Sports Magazine – JohnnyC“I was testing a client’s gun and had to have the stock cut a bit shorter leaving me with a wooden butt end of the stock with no pad. I could not remount the original pad as this would have still left the LOP too long for me. So, I slipped the ShockEater Recoil Pad into a shooting vest and went to the range with the expectation my shoulder would not be in very good shape afterward. Boy! Was I ever wrong! The ShockEater pad worked wonderfully, saving my bicep and shoulder from the potential ravages of a raw, freshly-cut butt end of a 12 gauge over/under shotgun and some hard-hitting sporting clays loads… I can’t compliment the recoil absorbing properties of the ShockEater enough!”

BMillerBill Miller, Outdoor Sports Writer, OutdoorHub – “All I can say is it flat-out works! …Both for the range and the hunting field, the ShockEater pad is now part of my regular shooting kit. I can’t foresee a time when I’m carrying a shotgun I won’t be wearing one.” 

DDraperDavid Draper, Field Gear Editor, Shooting Sportsman Magazine – “How something so thin can absorb so much recoil is beyond my scientific ken, but I don’t have to understand the Nano-Poly technology to feel how good the ShockEater consumes a long guns kick… because it is flexible it conforms to any shoulder from smaller builds of young shooters to larger adults looking to minimize the effects of recoil.” 

7 reviews for ShockEater® Recoil Pad

  1. 5 out of 5


    I picked up this pad for a dove hunting trip after being recommended from a friend. I was very impressed that something so thin could take our that much of the kick. Really knocked down the recoil well and no sore shoulder after the weekend.

  2. 4 out of 5


    it reduced alot of the recoil

  3. 5 out of 5


    I love the ShockEater! I had been trap shooting just about every Friday for 2 months and I would get a bruise each week and it was getting to a point that the bruise wasn’t even completely healing from one week to the next. I had seen this product demo’d at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA earlier this year. I searched for this product on the internet and when I found it I bought it. I have used it the last two weeks and I have no bruise and my scores have gone up since I am no longer anticipating the pain! It works great! LOVE IT!!!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Amazed at the reduction in recoil by this little pad. If recoil on a gun is bothering you, get one!

  5. 5 out of 5


    Wow- works great for shotgun and big bore shooting.

  6. 5 out of 5


    I am a 74 year old trapshooter., I wish i got this a long time ago, I love it

  7. 5 out of 5


    A great product. I have used vest inserts from both Browning and Beretta and this is superior product. Works as advertised. Great product.

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